Icebug - Slim High

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A NEW direction in comfort. Icebug® Insoles are designed based on a worldwide patent from Ortolab®, Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of orthopedic devices. We now bring that technology to the USA!

Our unique technology brings together SHAPE, MATERIALS, and DESIGN to offer DYNAMIC support through 360 degrees of the gait cycle. The result is a more efficient stride, better fitting shoes and less fatigue and discomfort. We are the only insole to support all THREE arches underfoot.

To ensure that the insole works properly, it's key that it conforms perfectly to the foot. That is why Icebug Insoles are available in three arch heights to allow the consumer to customize the fit for ideal function, resulting in happy and healthy feet!

Icebug SLIM Insole 

• Designed to fit lower volume footwear.

• Single-layer top sheet provides comfort with better tactile feel.

• ArchFlexSystem® built‐in for healthier feet.

• Available in 3 specific arch heights: Low, Medium, and High.