Salomon - Advanced Skin S-LAB 2 Belt Set

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  • Sensifit (Belt) - Innovative construction using self-adjustable fabrics. It conforms to the body for fit and stability, creating a bounce-free equipment while keeping comfortable breathing. Patent pending.
  • 3D Mesh - Very soft three-dimensional mesh adapts perfectly to the body even in motion, without abrasion on skin and t-shirt. With large hole, it is very breathable and comfortable. Ideal for lightweight trail running fitted packs.
  • Twin Skin Belt - With two adjustable belts, the front and back elements are perfectly centred around your chest and avoid any twist. Stretch fabrics and sensifit construction increase stability and ultra form fit.
  • Fast Wicking Fabrics - Improving quick drying and moisture management, these light fabrics deliver the best performance comfort and avoid odour.
  • Front Element with Multiple Secure Pockets for Energy and Hydration - Designed with stretch fabrics, all pockets hold securely soft flasks and energy bars so you access intuitively.