Ultimate Direction - Drop Bags

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UD Drop Bags are a simple and secure way to carry your gear to, during, and from a race. We up-cycled the remnant materials from our factory to create these unique drop bags. Every bag is a bit different and one of 4 colors is selected at random. These bags work great for all sorts of things: shoes, lunch, extra layers, etc. At most ultra races, runners are allowed to use "drop bags" in which they place personal gear, and then the race organizers transport to designated aid stations along the course. We added a space on ours to write your name so you can easily find it in the mix. A simple drawstring shoulder strap allows you to secure your items and throw the bag over a shoulder. Use these bags for whatever you please and keep all your essentials in one easy to find bag.
  • Up-cycled lightweight materials
  • Designated space to write your name
  • Drawstring closure acts as a shoulder strap